Our work

CRVPF provides grant-making and capacity development support to Community Organizations and enhancing strategic links among the three programs i.e., the Prevention of Violence against Children (PVAC), Adolescent Girls Power Program (AGPP), and Youth Capacity Development (YCD) Program.

Prevention of Violence Against Children (PVAC)

Prevention of Violence against Children and Adolescents Program (PVAC) started in 2015. The Program identified that violence against children and adolescents is experienced at home, in schools and the community. i) In homes, violence against children and adolescents is rooted in limited parenting skills and negative practices like the use of corporal punishment, poor spousal relationships like intimate partner fights, especially in the presence of children, and low household income; ii) in schools, violence is rooted in poor school environments that limit children to stay, transit and complete their education like sexual harassment by teachers, and bullying among others while iii) in the community, there are limited safe spaces for out of school adolescents to share experiences and learn from each other and the girls experience sexual violence and exploitation. This has been worsened by the breakdown in the community structures and the persistent norms and values.

Program interventions

Improving parenting skills, practices, and spousal relationships (15,049 Parents, 10155females and 4107 Males) have been trained in parenting skills/practices, and spousal relationships)

Increasing household income (12072 Parents, 7965 Females and 4107 males are participating in Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA)

Creating a safe school environment (13139 children, 6713 Females and 6426 Males) are involved in child-led good schools’ activities)

Establishing safe spaces for out of school Adolescents (3135 out-of-school adolescents, 1995 females and 1140 Males ) participating in safe space group activities as platforms of learning)

Strengthening informal and formal structures

Adolescent girls power program (AGPP)

Adolescent Girls Power Program started its operations in 2017 with 31 organizations grouped in 10 clusters, the program added additional 13 clusters and currently supporting over 64 organizations in 23 clusters across Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.

The Adolescent Girls Power program’s aim is to support adolescent girls, young mothers and their children to transform and change the structures that deny them choice and power.

 Safe spaces – 121 safe spaces created

Life skills – 3617 adolescents are in safe spaces and 242 girl mentors are trained.

Community engagement (Campaigns and Dialogues, Girls Camps, The day of the African child, The Day of the Girl Child, 16days of activism, and National convenings in all countries of operation)

Skills and Vocational skills (2301adolescents trained in different skills)

ECD (Young mothers)

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