Help us to re-create a world where children and young people are safe and empowered where they live, learn, play, and work


Children and young people are safe where they live, learn, play, and work.


Advance the safety and rights of children and young people.



Safe and empowering environments for children and Young People.

Our Work

Preventing Violence against Children & Adolescents

Adolescent Girls Power Building Program

Youth Capacity Development Program

Theory of Change

Our theory of change posits that creating a safe and nurturing environment for children and young people results from interactions between three sub-systems: 1) children, young people, and family/community; 2) deep social norms and 3) power and policy. The change we seek will come about because of 

The agency of individuals and the change in the relationships and patterns of interaction among children, young people, and adults within families, community, and local institutions such as schools settings;

a shift in the social norms that legitimize and perpetuate violence and sexual violence

an enabling policy and power environment which  provides access to resources and opportunities.

Framing the theory of Change

Children and young people are safe where they live, learn, play, and work.


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CRVPF Covid Emergency Program Video

Children’s Rights and Violence Prevention Fund growth journey

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